As I write this I find myself hoping that none of you will need this advice. There's nothing worse than getting excited about a new hairstyle, browsing through millions of digital perm pictures to find that perfect one to take with you to the stylist whom you place all your trust in. You sit in the salon chair eagerly awaiting your hair transformation only to be disappointed by a hair disaster. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Most stylists are very professional and know what they're doing, but as a precaution it is a good idea to not go cheap-back-alley-salon on this one girls.So what should you do when you hate your perm? First thing, go and talk to the stylist that messed things up and gently explain the problem. Point out the mistake and demand a refund. Next, ask what else the salon can do for you to fix the problem. If your hair is very strong they may attempt to straighten your hair, but I really don't recommend this. You'd be putting chemicals on top of chemicals and your hair will end up severely damaged EVEN IF it's strong.The salon might suggest the at-home treatments that will make your perm look better. Remember, a digital perm is different from a traditional perm in that it is much softer and wavier. The curls actually relax more and more over time, so if you really hate your perm what you may want to do is just wait. Buy a good anti-frizz serum, some hot-oils and leave-in conditioners and wait.
Now, if the hair stylist messed up big time. Let's say s/he smoked something funky and went crazy on your hair. I'm thinking nightmare scenario here - half your hair breaks off and you look like someone who just came out of a burning building. What do you do then? Cut it off. All of it. This isn't as bad as it may seem, short hair can be incredibly sexy and we're seeing it more and more on the runways. Super-duper-model Anja Rubik first put short hair on my radar, then came Rhianna, Sienna, Kirstin Dunst - they all rocked the short hair look. Don't despair, it may just be the happiest accident you ever got yourself into. And the best thing about it is that the texture of your perm will add incredible shape to any short cut. Check out some of the incredible images below. I'm so inspired!

Anja Rubik HairAnja Rubik hairAnja Rubik Hair
Anja Rubik HairAnja Rubik Hairshort bob

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  1. Hi, i just did a digital perm 4 days ago. The stylist told me to wash my hair 2 days after my digital perm. But after the wash my hair curls is gone. I went back to the stylist and he said there is curls and bcoz i didn't blow my hair thats why it look so straight. Is that true? So i demanded for refund. But the stylist said digital perm cannot be re-perm and he told me he will do a normal perm for me. But i have doubts and i d't trust him. So please tell me what should i do now? Is it true that normal perm can correct a fail digital perm?
    PLEASE HELP!!! Thank You!
    Zophia xXx