Rihanna has emerged at the forefront of hair trends. The girl is not afraid to take risks and her hairstyles often leave us wishing we could find the courage to perm, curl, cut and color our hair. She knows how to work a curl, and can look feminine even in the most masculine hairstyle. For me personally, long straight hair is not a good option - it often makes me look tired and frumpy. And so, if curling it is gets old, cutting it is the only logical step. I've been eyeing Rihanna's beautiful short hair and it never fails to amaze me how someone could look so much better with short hair than with long. Even comparing the images above, you will undoubtedly notice that your eye is drawn to the short hair styles more so than the long. I suppose it has something to so with the fact that a large number of women out there choosing to opt for the safely feminine look of long locks, and by default all end up looking the same, which is boring. A woman with short hair makes an instant impact simply because she is different than the rest, and lets face it, the courage to be different is incredibly sexy.

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