Have you ever wondered what it really means to have healthy hair? To understand your hair you have to realize that your hair is a fiber like cotton or wool. In order for the hair to be healthy you have to protect the outer cuticle of your hair. Hair is essentially made up of very tiny fiber-like structures which are packed very tightly together and protected by an outer shell. That outer shell is like the skin on your body, and is designed to guard the delicate keratin underneath. When the outer protective layer of your hair is damaged it will break and expose the keratin-fibers underneath. That's what split-ends, flyaways and frizz are! The frayed fiber unearthed by a broken outer shell. Healthy hair = a solid outer layer. Therefore, it makes sense that the products you use, and the way you style your hair is gentle on the hair. If however your hair is damaged due to a digital perm, or a cold perm you will need to buy products that treat the broken outer shell, and protect it from further damage. Search for quality products that make your hair more healthy at the same time they allow you to style your hair. Avoid alcohol based products, and remember to use leave in conditioners that double as anti-frizz serums such as the Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner. Also, something I can't recommend enough is giving your hair weekly hot-oil treatments which will smooth the cuticle and replenish moisture.

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