Have you always dreamed of having a mane of tight ringlets? Then it's time to get your facts straight. In the end, the perm solution/technique you should use depends on the look of the curls you desire as well as the condition of your hair. In some cases, it may be better to skip the digital perm and go old-school. An important ingredient in "cold perms" also known as Alkaline Perms, is an ammonia compound which has a relatively low PH balance that allows the solution to penetrate the hair very quickly. So, the great thing about cold perms is that they can form very defined tight curls very quickly and for a very long time (in fact, an Alkaline Perm will barely loose its initial shape until you chop it off). If the above images exemplify the look you are going for then a digital perm is likely not for you. Digital perms, and their other "hot perm" counterparts do not hold a strong curl. But be warned that warm (acid-balanced) perms are much more gentle on the hair, and if your tresses are already damaged then tight curls may not be in your immediate future, no matter how many wet dreams you have.

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