I'm happy to present you with these incredibly helpful videos documenting Shopaholicness's digital perm experience. She was nice enough to discuss her experience in depth - outlining everything from why she did it to how much it cost and even providing us with photographs of how her perm changed over the course of the week after she got it done. As you may be aware, your digital perm will be very tight and curly at first, but within a few days will relax into the signature wave. I highly recommend you watch this if you're considering getting your hair digitally permed. Overall, she reports being very satisfied with the process. The only two draw backs she discusses are 1. the smell after getting the perm (which goes away eventually), and 2. that there was some damage and occasional frizz. Watch the videos and make your own conclusion.


  1. I am getting my hair done on Saturday in Seattle, so I will save your page and let you know how mine smells :) and how everything goes for me. Thank you for posting the videos, this is the most information on digital perms I have been able to find.

  2. It is me again, I got my hair done and everything went well. I didn't notice any smell, but she was very thorough when rinsing my hair. I am very pleased with the results; there is a picture on my blog. Thanks again.