digital perm picture

Be mindful of the brush you use when you brush your digitally permed hair. Ideally the bristles would be made of an organic material, but if you have to go man-made, go for a mental over a plastic. The bristles should be flexible, have ball-tips and be spaced wide apart to prevent breakage. When you brush your perm always start by holding it in one hand as if you were going to make a pony-tail, and brushing out only the very ends of the hair first. Slowly work your way up to your scalp, removing any knots as you go. If you tend to start brushing your hair from the scalp down then your hair will likely have a lot of broken hair, and as a result tons of fly-aways. The best brushes to use are either paddle brushes (which should have a rubber center that holds the bristles), or else a wide-toothed comb, which is my personal favorite.

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