Be aware however, that some types of hair don’t take very well to the digital perm. Digital perms, or hot perms as they're sometimes called, can work quite well with coarse hair. However, the healthier and courser your hair is the less likely that the digital perm will stay in your hair for very long. I’ve heard clients with thick healthy hair complain that their perm “washed out” after one or two months. Coarse healthy hair that has not been treated with any chemicals before (virgin hair) may have to be processed for a bit longer in order to loosen the hair cuticle and ensure a proper curl. Fine and straight hair on the other hand tends to be very sensitive to any chemical process, and can get damaged if you aren't careful about who applies your perm. A skilled hair stylist will know the appropriate mixture of perm solution to use on your hair, how to apply it and how long. A digital perm can be beautiful as long as you can afford an experienced stylist.

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