Photo Credit: Ellen Von Unwerth in Lula Mag

Supermodel Cintia Dicker appeared in a recent issue of Lula Magazine looking nothing less than perfect. Mind you, Ms. Dicker is blessed with naturally wavy hot-red hair but I couldn't help but share these images with you when I saw them. Sadly, not even a digital perm could get your hair looking this good without a team of stylists. But lucky for you permed bunnies out there, this feat is going to prove to be significantly easier than for those with pin straight hair. To get something closer to Cintia's look buy a curling cream product like Curls Rock by Catwalk in cream form. The cream tends to work better than the sprays because you have more application control. To achieve the super-defined curl above you will have to apply some heat to your digital perm. ANd yes, in case you were wondering it is perfectly acceptable to blow-dry you perm as long as you have some heat protective product on it before you start. No problem. Put some curl defining cream on your fingers and twirl away with your blow dryer pointed at the finger you're using to twirl around the curl. If you want your curls more relaxed and wavy, put some of this product on your fingers and simply brush the curls out with your hand. No heat necessary.

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